Your Econic One bike come with free shipping to all countries in the EU.

We use the delivery services of Transpress for the free shipping.
UK deliveries are done with DHL only and the shipping cost is 200 euro.
If your country is not an EU member, we will find the best shipping offer for you based on your location.


Your bike will arrive at your doorstep or you can take it from a partner shop near you.


Your bike will arrive at your doorstep or you can take it from a partner shop near you.

Orders for bikes in stock will be prepared for shipping in 1 business day after the purchase. You can see the preparation time for each model variation in the product page.
After your order is trasferred to the courier company, you will receive a tracking number so you can check on the shipping progress. The shipping time depends on your location.

You can see the estimated time for different regions in the table below.

Delivery table

Destination Business days
Austia, Hungary, Slovakia
Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland,
Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland
United Kingdom
Belarus, Malta, Portugal

* If there are extraordinary circumstances out of our control, delivery time may be longer. In such cases we will contact you for more information.


Your Econic One bike come with free shipping to all countries in the EU.

It is important that you check the box and its content for damage right upon receiving your order.
If you find any damage make a claim to the shipping company and take some photos that you must email us. Only by making a claim right away can you use your insurance and enable Econic One team to assist you.  



Your Econic One arrives fully set, personally tested and easy to assemble. Putting your bike together is simple and takes 10 minutes to get ready to roll.

Where can I see the expected shipping date for bikes in the online store and the delivery time for my order?

When you go to the product page of each model you will see the time it is expected to be shipped, i.e "Expected to ship within 1 week". This means that your parcel will be prepared and transferred to the courier company in 1 week from the day of purchase.
If the model you choose is in stock you will see a "Next day shipment" status which means that your parcel will be transferred to the courier in 1 business day after the purchase.
After your order is given for shipping you will receive a tracking number and can communicate directly with the courier company.

Can any additional taxes and custom duties occur?

IF you are not a EU member and depending on you location, there might be some additional taxes and custom duties for importing goods. It is your responsibility to have the goods pass custom clearane. We cannot estimate the cost of taxes and duties that may occur for a specific order. You can contact your local customs office for more information.

What are the dimensions and the weight of the package?

The dimensions of the box are 175cmх23cmх82cm. The weight depends on the model and accessories you have chosen. Normally the package is around 30kg.

Can I order additional accessories?

Yes, you can order any available accessories on our shop page HERE. The shipping cost for the accessories is 19.79 euro for all EU countries.
If you are not in the EU, please contact us before you order. We will give you more information about shipping cost and other custom duties that may occur based on you location and help you decide on your best option.  

I have another question about my order. Where can I find more information?

You can check our FAQ page for other questions HERE. If you don't find the information you need, don't hesitate to contact us via the live chat in our website during business hours or by writing an email to

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