Why an e-bike?

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Why an e-bike?

How can the e-bike make your life better?


The e-bike is faster than a conventional bike and 50% faster during rush hours compared to a car. The powerful motor will transform your routine and give you a whole new kind of freedom.


The assisted pedaling let’s you conquer every terrain and make every hill flat. You can travel without any effort with the different levels of assistance and enjoy an intuitive and addictively smooth ride every time.


Modern e-bikes feature smart functionality that adds extra value in comparison to a conventional bike. GPS tracking, smart locks and anti-theft alarms are what will elevate your rides and give you a peace of mind both in the city or in nature.


Better for the environment. Better for your health. Better for your pocket. The superb battery and range of modern e-bikes allow you to reach far-off destinations and dive into new adventures.


The e-bike let’s you reduce your carbon footprint by 96% compared to a car and saves you money in the long-run.



Make commuting fun again and enjoy the mood boost of regular exercise. Create new amazing opportunities for your free time.

Plus, everyone who comes for a test ride with the Econic One leaves with a smile from ear to ear! If you don't believe, you can jump for a test ride at your nearest bike shop. 



City Rides

Commuting: Get to work faster regardless of rush hours and crowded parking lots.
Running errands: Go about your daily business and save time.
Leisure time: Go out at anytime and explore the different faces of the city.

Have 90% lower expenses compared to a car!
It costs 5 cents to 8 cents to charge a battery that will take you 25 to 80 miles.
No fuel expenses and insurance, low maintenance and storage cost, no parking fees and tolls.




Far-off destinations: Expand your scope with the big range and easy to replace and recharge battery.
Mountain escapes: Make every hill look flat and enjoy the view at the top.
Be prepared for every situation: Load the rack and let your e-bike do the work

E-bike owners actually ride more than conventional bike owners and get the recommended amount of exercise per week!
The main reasons reported by the riders were the convenience of the e-bike and the thrill of the rides.


There is an e-bike for every occasion. If you are curious to see you can check the Shop section of our website.