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Our Bike

A standard bike will let you discover your limitations, Econic One will assist you to go beyond them. The electrical system of our bikes detects motion and triggers the motor. It gives you the ability to go further quicker, easier and in style. It keeps you in shape without the sweat and tears. If you are more into challenging yourself and putting some efforts in, you can still switch off the motor and you will have the classic riding experience. 

Choose a combination that will match your comfort and style fit! You can select riding occasion, colour, frame size and accessories to go with your bike - rack, mudguards, front light, kickstand and extra chargers.

Depending on your lifestyle and most preferred riding occasions you can select one of three options:

- Off-road trails and mountain rides - suitable for more challenging paths and uphill journeys.

- Urban rides and nature escapes - the perfect balance between urban ride and off-road adventures.

- Comfortable and fast city rides - best suited for the everyday urban lifestyle. Ride freely through the city in comfort and style!

Our bikes come in two sizes:

- M size for people with height up to 180cm

- L size for people with height above 180cm

The optimal performance of the battery will last up to 142km with a single charge of the battery.

The click-and-plug charging allows you to charge the battery in three steps - remove the battery from the bike; connect it to the charger and plug the charger into a wall outlet. Give it up to four hours and you are ready to roll. Note: you can also charge the battery while it is still on the bike.

Test Ride

Never been on an e-bike? Not sure which model to choose? You still need some convincing that riding an e-bike is your thing? Worry not! Book a test ride on our website and experience first-hand how riding our e-bikes feels like. Psst… you may fall in love, don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Request a test ride HERE!

Ordering Process

The easiest way is to visit the shop section of our website or click HERE

We also offer our bicycles in a wide selection of stores the complete list of which can be seen HERE.

Use the locator on our site to discover a location closest to you. We monitor the stocks in the outlets, so if you are interested in a specific model, you can write to us and we will let you know where your preferred model is available.

Visit our online store HERE and find your new e-bike.

You can build your own bike using the Product Builder or,  in case you’re impatient to hit the streets, you can choose from the available stocks. 

If you choose to buy one of the bikes that are readily available for ordering, select the desired product, add it to your cart and then click the cart icon. You will be taken to the checkout page where you need to add the required information. You can then initiate the checkout and select your preferred payment method.

In case you decide to create your own e-bike in the Product Builder just follow the simple steps and select your preferred combination. Then add it to your cart and follow the same process.

We accept different payment methods.

Traditional bank transfer:

After placing the purchase order with a selected mode of payment “Bank Transfer”, the Customer shall receive an invoice sent by e-mail, which has to be paid within 5 working days to the following bank account:

Company Name: Eljoy AD

Company Address: 43 Ivan Vazov str, Varna 9000, Bulgaria

Bank name: DSK Bank 

Bank address: Sofia Bulgaria, 1 Tzar Kaloyan str.


Bank Account EUR IBAN: BG57STSA93000027281672

Bank Account BGN IBAN: BG97STSA93000027280758

In this case, the deadline for executing the order shall be extended as the Shop has to wait for the funds to be credited to its bank account.

Electronic transfer, bank card payment:

When sending the request for the purchase of goods, the Customer pays by bank card (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard). The Shop shall send the goods after receipt of the amount in the account of Econic One.

PayPal :

If you choose this payment method you will be redirected to the PayPal module, where You can use your PayPal account and confirm payment securely.

After the delivery is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with the invoice. We would like to ask you for your company details if you need such an invoice, so that we can prepare it properly.

Delivery & Returns

The delivery for the countries part of the European union is free of charge. For the delivery fees to the rest of the world, refer to the Shipping rates calculator which will appear on the Checkout page. 

In the box you will find your electric bicycle fitted with the rear wheel, also the quick release skewer, the front wheel, pedals, charger, battery keys, seat post and multitool. We have also prepared for you a short assembly guide and, of course, the warranty for your E-Bike. 

The dimensions of the box are 175cmх23cmх82cm. The weight depends on the model and accessories you have chosen. Normally the package is around 30kg.

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