What Is A Smart E-bike?

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What Is A Smart E-bike?

What is hiding behind the term “smart” and how it will change your daily routine forever?

The smart functionality was the missing piece that made e-bikes the fastest and most clever way to travel in the city. Keep on reading to learn why smart e-bikes can step up your game and give you so much more than an ordinary e-bike!

At the first glance, you may not be able to tell if an e-bike is smart or not.
The standard e-bike is equipped with a display or controller that will allow you to choose the level of assistance and keep track of your mileage, speed and battery level.



The mobile app is the place from which you can control all smart features and stay connected to your bike all the time.


Locate your bike wherever you are with the GPS tracking and have peace of mind.


Be protected with an anti-theft alarm that is activated if the bike is being moved while locked. It will keep the thieves away and get you notified instantly.


Lock and unlock the bike remotely from the app via Bluetooth.


You can discover the Econic One App for and Android HERE and IOS HERE.