We want to ride fast. Move swiftly. Feel free. Fly the cities. Enjoy our way.

We know what freedom is and we are on a quest to turn it into the reality of the contemporary citizens. The ones who don't want to be limited by the city but to dive into it. The ones who want to go anytime, anywhere and enjoy the ride. The ones who are headed to the future.Those were the people who started this company.

The urban souls. Bike enthusiast. Curious engineers. 

This is the story of how our founders turned their hobby and passion into revolutionary products that made the world gasp! 

For the past five years, we have been creating electric bicycles under the brand Eljoy to accelerate the transition of the cities of today to the utopia of tomorrow. We started with the idea to settle for nothing but the best and thus we built our own electrical system to guarantee the first-rate performance of our e-bikes. We kept on improving it while hand-assembling every single e-bike we created.

One of our biggest breakthroughs as a company was the creation of the first wooden bicycle with a fully integrated electrical system in the world. At the core of this innovation lies the integration of the electric battery into the luxurious wooden frame. After a special invitation, the bicycle was displayed at the world’s biggest bike exhibition in Germany and put our company among the big names in the industry. 

Today, with thousands of hours of inventing, experimenting and testing behind our backs we are here to introduce the ultimate commuting and recreational machine. A combination of advanced technology, first-rate performance, and customizable design to give you an addictively smooth ride.  Hand-assembled by experienced engineers and approved by velo-enthusiasts with thousands cycling hours behind their backs. It’s here to take you to the future.Meet the Econic One smart e-bike.